The founders of the Age Of Clones at any time can change the rules and block your account. I do not advise to invest in the game.

Welcome to the site about the online game Age Of Clones

In this exciting game everyone can create their clones in the virtual state the Land Of Clones. The clones can work and earn golden coins (the domestic currency of the game). After the registration your clone has the status of tramp. And the any tramp can become the emperor, but this will require a lot of funds. The point of the game — a lot of opportunities for the investments in the interesting game form. The investments eventually pay off and bring you the good income.

On this site you will find

Light Papers — the virtual papers that the alternative to the securities in the game, while you can get them at a nominal value without an auction.

Dividends — the data of dividend payments for all the securities in the game and for Light Papers since 1 January 2011. These data is updated once a day.

Forum — freedom forum on earning and investment in the internet. Also the unofficial forum of the game that already has gathered the active skilled players. In contrast to the official, on our forum uncomfortable posts are not deleted, users are not banned and free communication of ideas is welcome in every way. There are ads for buying and selling the golden coins, credits and other goods and services of the Land of Clones. And there is the easy chat with the archive of all the messages ;)


All requests and questions about the site and the Light Papers you can write through private messages on the forum or by e-mail