Light Papers

Light Papers is the rare artifact of our forum. Each Light Paper makes a profit of 0.06% (0.003 golden coins) per day or 21.9% (1.095 golden coins) per year, if you communicate on the forum. Current cost for the birth of one paper is 5 golden coins. Profit transferred to the owner's account every day at 00:00 UTC.

The profit rate does not depend on the birth of additional Light Papers, but it may be increased or reduced at any time. After the birth Light Papers exist forever. The owner of the papers at any time can transfer them to another user on any terms. Discuss the paper and the account you can in this topic on the forum.

Light Paper
  • Light Papers
  • Profit 21.9% per year
  • You can buy the papers in the account if they are in stock


The transfer of golden coins to get the papers you are doing exclusively by your own wish and voluntarily. There are no guarantees for you. If the rate of the profit will be reduced, you will not have reasons to complain to anyone. Your transfer means that you accept these terms.


All requests and questions about the site and the Light Papers you can write through private messages on the forum or by e-mail

Receiving and transfer of Light Papers

You can buy and transfer Light Papers to another user in the account.

Return of Light Papers

Light Papers are not accepted back and golden coins spent on them are not returned, but you always can transfer them to another user on any terms.